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Precision Weights

Cal-Kit Precision Weights from 1 mg to 500 mg in OIML E1-E2-F1-F2 and M1 accuracy classes.

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Analytical Weights

Cal-Kit Analytical Weights from 1 g to 500 g in OIML E1-E2-F1-F2-M1-M2 and M3 accuracy classes.

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Laboratory Weights

Cal-Kit Laboratory Weights from 1 kg to 50 kg in OIML E1-E2-F1-F2-M1-M2 and M3 accuracy classes.

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Custom Weights

Cal-Kit Custom Weights covers slotted weights, slotted newton weights and hook weights.

Lets see what USP 41 say about standard calibration weights?

MARUTI Weightech Pvt. Ltd.

India's largest calibration weights manufacturer with NABL accredited calibration laboratory
Standard Weights & Calibration Services

MARUTI Weightech Pvt. Ltd. offers manufacturing of standard weights in the range of 1 mg to 2000 kg in various accuracy class as per OIML standards. Furthermore, Maruti Weightech Pvt. Ltd. - NABL (ISO 17025) Accredited calibration laboratory offers calibration of standard weights and weighing balances from 1 mg to 2000 kg. MARUTI Weightech Pvt. Ltd. is gujarat's only NABL Accredited calibration laboratory covering such a huge scope for standard weights and weighing balance calibration under NABL Scope.

  • 10 MT production capacity per month.

  • Purchase with confidence

  • 6 Business days

  • Confirming OIML Standards


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How to select correct weight for your routine balance calibration process?

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